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Natural Mineral Pigments

Some icon lovers may would like to know and learn how to paint their own icons, I thought it might assist someone wether novice or advanced amateur painter to make/write their own little icon.
You will enjoy this set of natural mineral pigments with its vibrant colour palette.

I can offer a set of 13 essential fine quality artist pigments. The quantity is sufficient to paint about 4-5 smaller Icons 18 x 15 cm. Please contact me if you are interested to get the pigments as set or of quantity and colour of your own choice. 

Coptic icons are widely appreciated, for the ancient technique by simply mixing the pigments with egg yolk and vinegar in the correct ratio. A leaflet will be included with detailed instruction on how to mix your colours and to start off.
Such simple formula creating wonderful icons for spiritual moments.

To make your own icon can help you to meditate and relax from stress at workplace or school.

Vine Black, German 14g
English Red 14g
Terra di Siena, Burnt 14g
Terra di Siena, Natural 14g
Saffron Yellow 12g
Burnt Umbra 14g
Pompeian Red 14g
Caput Mortum Red 12g
Verona Green, Earth 14g
Light Ultramarin Blue 14g
Champagne Chalk 14g
Italian Ocker 14g
Iron Oxide 14g

These ground pigments can be also used for Oil, Gouache, Resins, Wax and various Emulsions or many other creative techniques and little repair projects at your home.

All your fine mineral pigments come in environmentally friendly glass bottles with wide opening for easy use.

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