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Growing up in Cairo, one of my main interest from childhood was in Arts and Crafts.

Having finished my Bachelor degree in Art Education after Graduation from the Faculty of Art Education, Helwan University in Cairo, I visited the Coptic Institute in Cairo. There, a chance encounter brought me into close proximity with the power of iconography. I was being invited to see the work on an ongoing basis with the creation of icons. “Writing” icons became my main artistic passion.

For four years I was a member of the international Plastic Art Association (UNESCO) Cairo, Egypt.

Devoting myself to high quality work, the pieces produced come at a variety of prices to suit individual budgets.

Oil paintings and unique needle felted fashion accessories are als my specialities.

While labour and time intensive, the process of making art is a journey of love.

Rania Kuhn


Please contact me for made to order Icons or other artwork of your choice ...